50 Shades of Go: Traps, Gotchas, and Common Mistakes for New Golang Devs

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2023-05-24 13:00:02

Go is a simple and fun language, but, like any other language, it has a few gotchas... Many of those gotchas are not entirely Go's fault. Some of these mistakes are natural traps if you are coming from another language. Others are due to faulty assumptions and missing details.

A lot of these gotchas may seem obvious if you took the time to learn the language reading the official spec, wiki, mailing list discussions, many great posts and presentations by Rob Pike, and the source code. Not everybody starts the same way though and that's OK. If you are new to Go the information here will save you hours debugging your code.

In most other languages that use braces you get to choose where you place them. Go is different. You can thank automatic semicolon injection (without lookahead) for this behavior. Yes, Go does have semicolons :-)

If you have an unused variable your code will fail to compile. There's an exception though. You must use variables you declare inside functions, but it's OK if you have unused global variables. It's also OK to have unused function arguments.

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