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2024-07-11 12:30:03

During my investigations around disposable/temporary emails, I came across a subset of email domains heavily used by fraudsters and cybercriminals:

While a lot of disposable emails are used by people who want a throwaway email to avoid spam, or who may be tempted to create multiple accounts, these email domains are heavily used for account takeover (stealing user accounts) and spam.

I have bad news for you. If you are reading this article because you saw one of the email domains above on your accounts, e.g. if it has been set as a recovery email, then it probably means your account has been hacked and accessed by someone else.

Email domains, such as, related to, make it easy to create and instrument thousands of email domains programmatically. Thus, it’s no surprise it’s used by fraudsters to create a lot of fake accounts on different online services.

In the screenshot below, from a popular cybercriminal forum, we see that the user created a script to manage 1,000 accounts on Steam created using emails.

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