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If you are interested in a list of temporary phone numbers, you can access a list of thousands of temporary phone numbers: Through this page,Or access the data through this API.

const countryIsoCodes = ['au', 'at', 'bd', 'be', 'br', 'bg', 'ca', 'cl', 'cn', 'co', 'hr', 'cz', 'dk', 'ee', 'fi', 'fr', 'ge', 'de', 'hk', 'in', 'id', 'il', 'it', 'jp', 'jo', 'kz', 'lv', 'lt', 'my', 'mx', 'mm', 'nl', 'nz', 'ng', 'no', 'ph', 'pl', 'pt', 'pr', 'ro', 'ru', 'rs', 'za', 'kr', 'es', 'se', 'ch', 'th', 'ua', 'gb', 'us', 'uz', 'vn'];

Finally, we store the list of temporary phone numbers in a JSON file to reuse it in the next step of our scrapers where we will download the content of the message:

The second step of our scraper is to download all the messages/SMS that have been received by the temporary phone numbers we identified in the previous step. We add the code into a second JS file to better differentiate each step. The file has a similar structure as before:

We iterate over all the phone numbers, and for each of them, we:Extract the number of pages to scrape for the phone number;Iterate over all the pages to extract the messages (content and sender).

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