Why I wrote my own SQL query builder

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2021-06-30 12:30:03

The first part is in rough chronological order. If you're only interested in the libraries I looked at, you can find the list at the end.

reader is a Python feed reader library – it allows users to retrieve, store, and manage web feeds through a high-level API, without having to deal with feed-related details.

It is a hobby and learning project, and I can only spend a limited amount of time on it, sometimes quite far in between. It's not necessarily about learning technologies; rather, it is about library design, writing code that's maintainable long-term, and showing restraint – if I were to make the best library I could, what would it look like?

Because of this, the conclusions of this article, if any, may not be directly applicable to regular "work" projects. With reader, I have different constraints over different time scales, a somewhat different definition of success, and more freedom in some aspects.

However, not all projects are the same, and not all parts of a project are the same. Sometimes, this kind of long-term thinking can be useful, and it can actually be achieved through a combination of planning, strategical technical debt, and saying no to, reducing the scope of, or postponing features.

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