When to use classes in Python? When you repeat the same functions

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2023-09-16 11:30:02

Have you repeatedly searched for "when to use classes in Python", read all the articles and watched all the talks, and still don't know whether you should be using classes in any given situation?

Have you read articles that all treat the "obvious" cases, leaving you with no clear answer when you try to apply them to your own code?

Most guidelines tend to either be too vague if you don't already know enough about the subject, or too specific and saying things you already know.

This is one of those things that once you get it seems obvious and intuitive, but it's not, and is quite difficult to explain properly.

In its most basic form, a class is when you group data with functions that operate on that data; sometimes, there is no data, but it can still be useful to group the functions into an abstract object that exists only to make things easier to use / understand.

As Wikipedia puts it, "A heuristic is a practical way to solve a problem. It is better than chance, but does not always work. A person develops a heuristic by using intelligence, experience, and common sense."

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