Degenerate Conic | The New Features of Fortran 202x

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2022-05-12 18:30:13

The glacially slow pace of Fortran language development continues! From the smoke-filled room of the Fortran Standards Committee, the next Fortran standard is coming along. It has not yet been given an official name but is currently referred to as "Fortran 202x" (so hopefully we will see it before the end of this decade). Recall that Fortran 90 was originally referred to as "Fortran 198x".

So, there you have it. There are some nice additions that current users of Fortran will appreciate. It will likely be years before compilers implement all of this though. Fortran 202x will be the 3rd minor update of Fortran since Fortran 2003 was released 20 years ago. Unfortunately, there really isn't much here that is going to convince anybody new to start using Fortran (or to switch from Python or Julia). What we need are major additions to bring Fortran up to speed where it has fallen behind (e.g., in such areas as generics, exception handling, and string manipulation). Or how about some radical upgrades like automatic differentiation or built-in units for variables?

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