Creating the Myers Briggs of Love

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2021-12-06 21:30:04

We set out to create an MBTI-like personality instrument to help people better understand themselves in the world of love. The goal was to develop 16 personality types to effectively differentiate us in 1) how we conceptualize love 2) how we integrate partners into our lives 3) what we want out of love and 4) and our reliance on partners for our overall wellbeing.

At Dimensional, we use personality science to help people improve their lives and relationships. A central element of our platform is the concept of Archetypes: traits that summarize us in one of several contexts. To date we have 5 Archetypes: Spirit, Identity, Work, Love, and Career.

While we measure users in detail across over 100 underlying traits, the ensuing alphabet soup of traits can be overwhelming for casual users. Archetypes serve as a sort of 80/20 summary of those traits across contexts and help us relate to one another in more simple terms.

While there are existing generalized archetypes for Identity and Work (like Myers Briggs and DISC), there is no such equivalent in the arena of romantic love. Surprising, given that it is perhaps the most consequential to our overall life satisfaction.

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