My Git & GitHub workflow - an efficient yet messy setup

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2024-03-30 19:00:15

I think my main goal with this blog post is to get help making sense and minimizing the amount of tools I'm using for Git and GitHub 🆘

There are all these great tools out there but there's always something missing, unnecessary friction or something that's possible but requires way too much effort.

The unix philosophy of having many tools where each does one thing and does it well could work here, but I find that many of the tools I use overlap. I have to keep using all of them as each one has an esoteric and specialized use-case.

I have it bound to CMD+G in tmux so that I can always globally open it, quickly add files by hitting a and commiting them with c.

It helped me tremendously when at a previous company I wanted to migrate away from poly-repos into one big monorepo. The migration was made possible in part by utilizing tig to make sure the git history was kept intact.

That's the methodology I used when working in Facebook. It has some really great benefits like staying unblocked by not waiting for a review and helps with writing smaller PRs.

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