DCPU - From Logic Gates to a Functioning Processor

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2023-11-19 16:00:19

Since a long time, I've found computers fascinating machines and wondered how they worked. My first attempts at understanding these complicated systems arose during middle school while playing around with redstone circuitry in Minecraft. I wondered how one could go from basic digital circuits to executing complex programs as we are used to. But it's fair to say that the jump from some simulated wiring in a video game to a functional computer was a bit ambitious. Fast forward to 2020, during my second year of University, and after learning about Digital Systems, Computer Architectures and Operating Systems, I felt I finally had the necessary base knowledge to make the leap. With some basic knowledge of VHDL I decided to design and implement a simple ALU, and then went on from there.

It's important to note that the CPU we will be building is in no way revolutionary, impressive or particularly well designed. Hence the the name DCPU (Dumb CPU). Rather, the CPU is supposed to be as simple as possible, while still including most of the important functionalities a CPU needs to be usable.

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