Earliest eligible virtual deadline first scheduling

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2023-11-19 10:00:02

Earliest eligible virtual deadline first (EEVDF) is a dynamic priority proportional share scheduling algorithm for soft real-time systems.[1]

EEVDF was first described in the 1995 paper "Earliest Eligible Virtual Deadline First : A Flexible and Accurate Mechanism for Proportional Share Resource Allocation" by Ion Stoica and Hussein Abdel-Wahab.[2] It uses notions of virtual time, eligible time, virtual requests and virtual deadlines for determining scheduling priority.[1] It has the property that when a job keeps requesting service, the amount of service obtained is always within the maximum quantum size of what it is entitled.[3]

In 2023, Peter Zijlstra proposed replacing the Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) in the Linux kernel with an EEVDF process scheduler.[4][5] The aim was to remove the need for CFS "latency nice" patches.[6] The EEVDF scheduler replaced CFS in version 6.6 of the Linux kernel.[7]

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