Troposphere (rocket family)

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2021-07-21 11:30:05

Troposphere is a Congolese rocket family first developed in 2007 at the private enterprise Développement Tous Azimuts (DTA). The project is managed by Jean-Patrice Keka Ohemba Okese, head of DTA, a graduate of the Institut Supérieur des Techniques Appliquées (ISTA). The program aimed at launching experimental rockets that would not exceed an altitude of 36 km.[1] The launch site is located in an area owned by DTA at Menkao, 120 km East of Kinshasa.[2]

The program was financed by DTA at the beginning, but after success of the Troposphere 2 and 4 rockets project gained government support.

Troposphere 1, which was planned for launch in April 2007, was canceled due to technical problems. Troposphere 3 scheduled for October 12, 2007 was also a failure.

The first successful rocket, Troposphere 2 (30.94 kg and 0.19 m in diameter), launched in 2007 and reached an altitude of 1500 m (1.5 km).

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