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2022-06-22 22:30:03

Anti-Wikipedians or so-called Policy Progressives viciously hate Wikipedia for no reason.[1] It is a form of bigotry and prejudice. They can usually be found editing WP:FAIL, Criticism of Wikipedia and other anti-Wikipedian propaganda. They regularly stand in the way of trying to make Wikipedia better and their obvious aim is to disintegrate the integrity and quality of Wikipedia. They are generally radical wikileftists who seek to destroy Wikipedia from within. You may find them claiming that "dissent is not disloyalty", but we all know where their loyalties lie and it's not with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is supposed to be about tolerance, a strong community, WikiLove, and free sharing of ideas. It is precisely for this reason that Anti-Wikipedians should be kicked out of the Wikipedia community, their talkpage comments removed, their userpages deleted, and their accounts permanently banned, immediately.

One of the main sources of Anti-Wikipedianism is the radical far copyLeft (also referred to as Kopyleft, with the Communist K, i.e. Das Kapital). They expect Wikipedia to forbid content from being used for commercial purposes.

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