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2022-05-14 17:30:03

Almost all software projects beyond the most trivial ones have multiple environments involved – production, of course, but also test, development, pre-production, etc. This article goes into details of the various environments that are utilized in a typical software project.

These are the environments that each person working on the project (software developers, testers, project owners, etc.) stands up locally on their own desktop or laptop. This is the only environment type that’s not shared, but private to the person owning it – it’s their own little playground, where they are free to experiment and try things out without any consequences for making mistakes. It’s also where they primarily attempt to reproduce bugs, and verify fixes for them actually work.

It seems counterintuitive, but, even though these environments are never accessed by anybody other than their owner, I believe they are actually the most important type of environments discussed in this article. The reason I say that is because it’s vitally important for the long-term health of any software project to be able to quickly and easily spin up a reliable local copy of the production environment.

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