Endid.app - Which GitHub Action is best for Slack notifications today?

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2022-09-21 11:30:08

If you rely on GitHub Actions to automate your tests, builds, or anything else, your final step might send a notification to Slack to report on the status of the workflow.

There are many GitHub Actions available in the marketplace that you can drop into your YAML files to fire off a Slack notification. But some still use older versions of Slack APIs that may be dropped. Others allow full flexibility to format messages according to Slack’s APIs - but if all you want is to report on your workflow status you might prefer that the action assembles a suitable message from the workflow data by itself.

All actions require you to connect to Slack somehow, and usually store a token of some sort in the GitHub repo secrets. There are multiple, old and new, ways to do that so we’ll also explain the different ways that Slack authentication can work, and which is the best approach for an action.

On the GitHub Actions side, unless you’re actually using actions to send bespoke messages to delight your Slack colleagues, your main aim will be to monitor your workflow statuses. So which actions take the time to understand the status of your current workflow and provide easy ways to piece together notifications without you having to carefully structure your own messages?

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