Artificial membrane can keep the heart beating forever

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2020-06-30 17:49:11

A group of scientists from the United States, China, Singapore and South Korea, have been developing ways to extend human life in different fields with the use of 3D printed parts.

According to researcher Dr. John Rogers, who writes for the journal Nature, he commented that a coronary membrane external to the heart has been developed, capable of identifying and correcting arrhythmias, keeping the cell free of heart stress or ischemia (heart failure), and other diseases. coronary that the human being may suffer, in short, no one would die from heart problems and / or diseases.

With this artificial membrane, it practically allows the heart to beat forever. The membrane covers the heart and being equipped with a set of nanocircuits and nanoelectrodes, they correct and keep the heart operating smoothly, using electrical impulses. 

The membrane is not an evolved pacemaker, but rather as a nano membrane that will protect the heart unlimitedly, of course, the patient will have to connect to a power source and diagnose at least once a year to monitor the heart and of course, update software with improvements.

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