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Fuzzing101 with LibAFL - Part IV: Fuzzing LibTIFF

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2022-01-13 14:00:05

Tags: fuzzing, libafl, rust, libtiff, qemu

Twitter user Antonio Morales created the Fuzzing101 repository in August of 2021. In the repo, he has created exercises and solutions meant to teach the basics of fuzzing to anyone who wants to learn how to find vulnerabilities in real software projects. The repo focuses on AFL++ usage, but this series of posts aims to solve the exercises using LibAFL instead. We’ll be exploring the library and writing fuzzers in Rust in order to solve the challenges in a way that closely aligns with the suggested AFL++ usage.

Since this series will be looking at Rust source code and building fuzzers, I’m going to assume a certain level of knowledge in both fields for the sake of brevity. If you need a brief introduction/refresher to/on coverage-guided fuzzing, please take a look here. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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