Remote First: 5 Websites for Remote Job Opportunities

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2024-06-08 03:00:05

Okay, maybe there’s no beach in this scenario, but there’s definitely silence, and maybe your cat. Most developers probably (right?) prefer to work remotely, as they may live in areas where office jobs just aren’t a thing, especially for software development. It could be extremely difficult to find positions in your area.

The problem with the first option is of course how difficult it is to actually pack up and move to another state (or country). Likewise, the problem with the second option is the difficulty in finding a remote position.

This article aims to make it easier for you to find remote work as a software developer. We hope you find it useful during your job search.

JS Remotely is a specialized job board dedicated to connecting JavaScript professionals with remote work opportunities. This platform is first on our list because it caters specifically to developers proficient in JavaScript and its various frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, Node, and more.

JS Remotely aims to simplify the job search process for JavaScript developers seeking remote positions by aggregating listings from a wide range of companies and providing a user-friendly interface for job seekers.

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