Lack of lorry drivers forcing UK farmers to throw litres of milk away

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2021-09-25 10:30:06

“If we’re going to not have our milk picked up it’s going down the drain and never seen again", he told Euronews' Luke Hanrahan.

"It was a bit of a mad dash trying to find another home for the milk really. it’s just putting a lot of pressure on every farmer to try and deal with these things and we haven’t got the money there to try and react to it.”

80 kilometers north, in the heart of the Peak District, the milk produced by an organic herd of Jersey cows is now being sold directly to consumers.

“We’ve branched out directly to the customer. Delivering milk directly to other families. Basically taking our own destiny in our own hands”.

Paul’s son, Jack, began making ice cream prior to Brexit, and has spent time in Italy learning from gelato (ice-cream) experts. But this burgeoning company is now facing Brexit related difficulties.

“For us, obviously, the price is going to go up now. Hazelnuts and the pistachios come from Italy, and the chocolate comes from Belgium."

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