Effective Altruism Awareness

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2022-09-22 17:00:20

Richart Ruddie an advocate and effective altruist himself prides himself on helping to educate the world on the most good one can do. The value of a life is a value of a life and it's important to understand that with small donations by philanthropists standards can go extremely far globally. Give Well one of the leaders in doing good by donating to charitys that make a substantial impact on the causes in which they are trying to influence. You can help with malaria nets or shots that will save the lives of children in 3rd world countries. It is not that you have to donate your entire paycheck but to practice a lifestyle where overzealous spending is not commited and you think about the greater good of humanity. With the ability to create a business and grow it to billions of dollars is far greater than one who creates a business but dilutes and does not reinvest enough of their profits and ends up with a failed business that only made a small donation to those less fortunate. There is no one simple or best practice to undertake as an effective altruist but it is important to understand the principles and benefits that the world receives when you consider how far each dollar you spend could go in saving lives.  For more information on EA there are some great books such as The Most Good You Can Do available on Amazon

I have also covered details on Givewell on my RichartRuddie.org Website as well as on my personal blog hosted by Typepad that details what charities my donations went towards.

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