Generating Excel’s What-if Analysis Data Tables in Python

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2024-03-28 21:00:14

I am a part-time corporate valuation specialist, which means that I put prices on things, and spend nearly all my billable hours in Excel. One particularly useful toolkit in Excel is the ‘What-if Analysis’. In particular, the ‘Data Table’ tool.

This tool can be used to build scenario analyses for many kinds of situations, my particular one being the conversion of potential startup exit scenarios into liquidation waterfalls.

I’ve been meaning to automate a large part of my workflow, as I usually do, but dealing with the tax authorities and other financial services firms or clients means that I have to remain in Excel land. As I was researching ways to codify my processes in Python, one snag that I hit was setting up these data/scenario analysis tables. I genuinely spent hours trying to get some kind of lead on it, but the only option I found was a proprietary tool. However, I wasn’t planning on giving up so quickly.

Before I start going further into the technical details, I would like to introduce data tables to show you what our goalpost for this post is.

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