A man has been branded a

Man branded 'cereal killer' after topping girlfriend's breakfast with cheaper version

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2023-11-18 18:00:06

A man has been branded a "cereal killer" after he revealed that he has been "secretly" topping up his girlfriend’s Coco Pops with a cheaper version.

The man explained how his girlfriend insists on going for a branded version of Coco Pops which he believes is highly expensive.

He wrote on the social media forum, Reddit: "My girlfriend insists on buying the branded version of everything, even though I think there’s little difference most of the time.

"On the first month I started with a ratio of 80 percent genuine coco pops to 20 percent fake. I've slowly tapered down, so that the product I’m supplying to her is 5 percent legit, cut with 95 percent Aldi.

"She started complaining about Kelloggs 'ruining the old recipe', at 40 percent real. But she wasn’t annoyed enough to change cereal, so I pressed on.

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