Thread Count Scaling Part 1. Introduction

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2024-05-14 07:00:01

I wrote this blog series for the second edition of my book titled “Performance Analysis and Tuning on Modern CPUs”. It is open-sourced on Github: perf-book. The book primarily targets mainstream C and C++ developers who want to learn low-level performance engineering, but devs in other languages may also find a lot of useful information.

After you finish, let me know which parts you find useful/boring/complicated, which parts need better explanation, etc. Write a comment or send me an email, which you can find here.

Please keep in mind that it is an excerpt from the book, so some phrases may sound too formal. Also, in the original chapter, there is a preface to this content, where I talk about Amdahl’s law, Universal Scalability Law, parallel efficiency metrics, etc. But I’m sure you guys don’t need that. :)

Thread count scaling is perhaps the most valuable analysis you can perform on a multithreaded application. It shows how well the application can utilize modern multicore systems. As you will see, there is a ton of information you can learn along the way. Without further introduction, let’s get started.

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