Put some CLOS in your ECS

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2023-11-19 14:00:16

The author uses Common LISP to define an extended language for writing program that favour the ECS style. While it is a very nice read and it achieves what was intended I think this approach can be improved upon. The main problems I see are the following: 1. this is not LISP anymore, 2. it reimplements redefinition of data at runtime.

The first problem is solved by accepting that this was an exploratory solution. The extended language is a prototype and not the final API to actually write programs using the ECS. The second is instead an implementation problem.

My take on both these problems would be to use the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) as it solves both. Once we teach CLOS how we want to lay out our memory we can get data locality and we have not extended the language for non-control-flow reasons. Moreover CLOS already supports redefinition at runtime therefore we are not duplicating features and the second problem goes away.

If this reads like normal LISP code to you1 then we have achieved our first objective. Our programs do not need to bend too much to allow us to benefit from the ECS architecture.

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