Grading made simple with AI

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2024-06-06 15:00:04

I've been using RubricPro for semester grading, and it's as accurate as it gets! The AI grading is spot on, and I always double-check as they suggest. Saves me hours each week!

RubricPro's commitment to privacy is unmatched. Knowing that our documents are deleted after grading gives us peace of mind. It's a game-changer for data-sensitive environments.

We love how straightforward credits are with RubricPro. There’s no confusion— one credit per document makes it easy to manage our resources.

We had a glitch with document grading, and RubricPro didn't charge us a credit for that. Their error handling is truly customer-first!

It’s reassuring to know that our data isn't used to train models. RubricPro respects our privacy while providing an excellent service.

The enterprise plan for RubricPro was a breeze to set up. Their team was incredibly responsive and tailored everything to our company’s needs.

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