NVIDIA AI will power self-driven Mercedes cars from 2024

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2020-06-23 19:06:46

Mercedes will use a full NVIDIA software and hardware system for their vehicles to power self-driving, with the first cars hitting the road in 2024.

Mercedes and NVIDIA announced a partnership way back in 2017, but today gave us a little more information about when that partnership will bear fruit.

NVIDIA’s system will be available to all Mercedes next-gen vehicles, though it won’t necessarily roll out to all vehicle lines at the same time. But all cars will come with the hardware built-in, regardless of whether or not they are ordered with self-driving options installed. This sounds similar to Tesla’s current model of including Autopilot hardware on all cars, then selling full self-driving as a software option.

The companies emphasized that next-gen vehicles will be “software-defined” with continuous upgradeability – also similar to Tesla.

Another aspect of the “software-defined” car will be the presence of “apps,” much like on a phone.  Some apps may be free and some may be paid (perhaps with subscription models), but this will be a way for owners to customize their driving experience and for cars to lengthen their usable life by getting new features after release. We don’t know if there will be an API for third-party developers or if the apps will be provided by NVIDIA and Mercedes.

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