Spoted - Tesla Semi being used to deliver cars in end of quarter push

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2020-06-27 04:10:48

A Tesla Semi prototype has been spotted being used by the automaker to deliver cars during its end-of-the-quarter delivery push.

We reported earlier this week that Tesla is having logistics issues when it comes to getting 8,000 to 10,000 cars in transit to customers in North America before the end of the quarter.

CEO Elon Musk even apologized to customers for pushing some delivery dates and thanked transportation partners for doing everything they can in these difficult times.

Tesla is having difficulties moving cars through rail yards and trucking companies who are operating under difficult circumstances amid the global pandemic.

Alex, who spotted the vehicle earlier today, told Electrek that he spotted the Tesla Semi near Fremont factory as the truck was leaving with new vehicles – presumably to move them to other Tesla locations for deliveries to customers.

The automaker wants to take advantage of the electric truck to reduce its transportation cost and emissions in its logistic operations.

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