One effective CS grad student workflow

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2022-01-15 14:00:04

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00:00 Self-intro and context of the talk 00:27 Goals of the workflow 00:43 Requirements of the workflow 01:34 Package dependencies 01:42 Demo: Class notes PDFs 03:24 Pulling down arXiv papers 08:12 Small customizations 08:59 TODO

When I was an undergrad, I learned many things, most of which I forgot. In the time since then, I've discovered Org Mode, Org Roam, Org Noter, Org Ref. PDF Tools, and Anki. I would like to share my approach for capturing all the information that comes my way as a MS CS student at Georgia Tech, in the hopes that I can both get feedback on ways to improve the system I use, as well as hopefully inspire others to build workflows that make them more productive.

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