Shortcuit Pre-Alpha v4.0 - Ready for Testing! - Shortcuit Forum

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2022-01-13 19:00:06

The speed of the LCD simulation in the video is 2x - 3x faster than the real simulation. We will try to optimize the Arduino simulation in the next versions.

In this version, we’ve added an improved Arduino simulation and a lesson example in Training Mode. You also get a warning feedback when there’s something wrong in the circuit. The Build Box Bar let’s you spawn the components more easily and you can spawn pre-made circuits from the Build Box.

The lessons are well structured, you provide correct information, clear examples and exercises for the user to practice what they just learned. And the quiz makes sure the player actually has to read everything. 😁

I do have some mixed feelings about the training dome though, it feels empty and unnecessary, you could just as well go straight to the training selection screen.

But I think it might be a cool idea if you used that dome to project screenshots/renders of projects made by you guys or fanmade projects. Kinda like a little teaser of what you’re gonna learn to make.

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