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2022-09-21 19:00:21

We believe that a place to get things done is the best office perk – and want to propose a trade: your useless office perk for a Framery One office pod .

That fussball-table no one ever plays with? Those slightly uncomfortable beanbags? That candy-filled water cooler? All viable currency. Show us the best of your worst – and win!

Post your useless office perk: karaoke equipment, kombucha taps, ball pits, scooters… Show us the best of your worst. The more likes your entry receives, the better chance you have to win a Framery One pod. So make yours stand out!

Three lucky winners will have their useless perks traded for a Framery One. We’ll contact the winners directly to organize the trade. After the trade is done, we’ll find a better use for your perk by donating it to a charity in need.

But the pool tables, beanie bags, complimentary snacks, and ball pit meeting rooms they left behind aren’t going to bring them back. In fact, according to our study, 57% of workers agree that access to privacy is the best office perk. It’s our mission to make offices happier and more productive, so we propose a trade.

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