Free Software Awards: Nominate those who have charted a course to freedom by November 30

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2022-09-21 21:30:15

The dedication and determination of its contributors has helped the free software movement chart a course to a freer digital tomorrow. Whether you realize it or not, simply using free software makes you a part of our collective journey to freedom. On the way to our destination, there are those inspiring individuals and projects who go above and beyond in their dedication to the movement and its principles. Now, it's time for us to show these community members and projects that we appreciate their vital work.

Each year, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) presents the Free Software Awards to a select group of individuals and projects as a formal expression of the community's appreciation. These awards are given out at LibrePlanet, our conference for activists, hackers, law professionals, artists, educators, students, policymakers, tinkerers, free software beginners, and anyone fighting against user-abusive antifeatures and bulk government surveillance. With the Free Software Awards, we let these people and projects know that their work is deeply appreciated. It's our way of thanking them for playing a vital role in bringing the movement closer to its goals.

Maybe you've been inspired by the work of a particular member of the free software community, or maybe you have been impressed by the great strides made by a project that incorporates free software into its platform for social change. We invite you to take a moment to acknowledge each of them by nominating them for an award in one of three categories:

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