We know what you did during lockdown. An FT Film written by James Graham

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2021-07-21 19:00:14

We gave up our privacy to fight Covid-19, can we get it back? An FT film starring Lydia West and Arthur Darvill in collaboration with Sonia Friedman Productions and supported by Luminate. An interrogation scene explores how Covid-19 has exposed the tension between the need for data to track and trace, and the right to privacy and justice

Written by James Graham. Actors Lydia West and Arthur Darvill. Directed and produced by Juliet Riddell. Edited and produced by Tom Hannen. Score by Tristan Cassel-Delavois. Additional filming by Petros Gioumpasis. Supported by Luminate.

I just want to reassure you this isn't about blame. It's about using what happened to all of us, this thing we all just lived through - those of us who did live through it. It's about using it as a teaching moment.

Basically, you're not on trial. Your company is one of many nationwide who signed up to this project to map basic human behaviour during the pandemic, both for academia, research, also to help us plan for future crises using all the...

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