The truth behind the vomiting camel graph

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2022-05-13 12:30:09

Hello, I'm Katie Martin. As you may have read online, I'm the founder and chief investment officer at Vomiting Camel Asset Management, except I'm not. This whole thing has got out of hand.

In the interest of fighting the scourge of fake news, the FT needs to put the record straight. This tale starts with technical analysis, a very serious discipline for very serious people in financial markets, that involves looking at charts, drawing lines on the charts, spotting patterns in the charts, and deciding the patterns mean that the market is heading either up or down. Ah, a head and shoulders pattern, bearish. A death cross, super bearish. And itchy marcu cloud - well, the market must be range bound. A cup and handle formation, now that's bullish. I'm not even joking.

So a few years ago I started drawing vomiting camels onto charts - they're bearish, you know - and tweeting them out, just for fun. It's just a joke. To my genuine surprise, some people seem to have taken this a little too seriously. In 2014, CNBC pointed out that a vomiting camel formation had appeared in gold.

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