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2024-06-14 13:30:04

Receive the voyage information, live position of your shipment, various notifications like on-time arrival notice, sailing and delay notifications and more.

Discover the container location with ShipsGo Live Position feature. Send us the tracking request and let us do the all data gathering for displaying the shipment position on the world map.

Show their shipments to your customers on your website. Provides visibility for customers and fewer calls or emails to operation team.

Monitor all your shipments on easy to use dashboard. Download customized reports, create sub-accounts for your employees or clients, access statistical data of your shipments, and many more features from just one dashboard.

Please go to the ShipsGo Homepage and select the carrier of the shipment. Then, enter your Container, Booking, or BL Number and click the Track Shipment button. You should create an account and get notifications about your shipment easily!

ShipsGo system works with credits. Every tracking request (uploading a shipment to ShipsGo once) consumes your 1 credit. Then, you will have unlimited queries for uploaded shipments, and it won't spend your credits.

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