Fuchsia 2024 roadmap overview

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2024-03-29 18:30:05

Fast and reliable workflows for engineers using Rust in the platform source tree: CI for rust-analyzer, <5s check cycles, discoverable Fuchsia Rust API documentation, and streamlined process to keep third-party Rust libraries up to date.

SDK can be used to bring-up new hardware. This includes developing a board driver, drivers for peripheral devices on the board, and implementing board definitions for the hardware using the SDK.

Enable all DFv2/FIDL drivers to be built, tested, and debugged with the SDK and Bazel, as part of the platform source tree or in their own standalone repository.

Google Test (aka gtest) is the preferred, support unit test framework for driver authoring in the Fuchsia platform source tree and with the SDK (replacing zxtest for the same purpose).

Enable Driver Conformance tests to be distributed and run by driver authors, to validate that their driver conforms to published interfaces before publishing back to Fuchsia.

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