Siddler – The no-code page builder that doesn't drive you nuts

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2021-06-16 06:00:04

A simple page for yourself, a landing page or even a micro site for your business? If you don't need a full-blown site, Siddler will work wonders for you.

You shouldn't have to worry about margins, colors, line-height and font-sizes. Just focus on content, Siddler takes care of the rest.

You get your own subdomain from start. When you feel ready for a custom domain, just hook it up. Security certificate (https) baked-in.

Siddler is edge-hosted, meaning that pages are served physically close to the user visiting the page. This makes for snappy page loads.

Siddler gives you the flexibility to create many differents kinds of layouts. At the same it takes care of things like margins, color-matching and typography, that normally requires a designer's eye to get right.

We figure most people don't want to dabble with settings down to the pixel. it's hard to achieve a solid, uniform look and takes a lot of time. So instead we provide you with settings that are easy to manage - A few sound, straightforward options per setting will take you far.

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