Welcome to the home of Railway Signalling Simulations

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2024-07-10 09:30:05

Welcome to the world of railway signalling! SimSig brings the signal box to your home PC and with it the enjoyment and frustrations of running today's (and some of yesterday's) railways. How often has your train been delayed because of "signal failure" and you've wondered why trains can't be routed around the problem - or why it is even a problem in the first place? You'll soon see exactly why - with SimSig!

SimSig puts you in the seat of a signaller, also called a Dispatcher or Network Control Officer, operating signalling screens based on the widely used IECC and Westcad graphics used in the UK. That is, you operate the signals and points/switches in order to get trains to their destinations on time. SimSig has a wide range of areas you can operate including large portions of the UK, a small US simulation, and a couple of Australian areas. Each has its own challenges and skill level, the latter ranging from easy to mentally complicated.

SimSig also runs on emulators such as Wine for Linux and Crossover for Mac. This is not guaranteed but we try to keep such emulators supported. Tablets and phones are not supported.

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