sqlelf and 20 years of Nix

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2023-03-19 21:30:03

Within that 20 years Nix has ushered in a new paradigm of how to build software reliably that is becoming more ubiquitous in the software industry. It has inspired imitators such as Spack & Guix.

Given the concepts introduced by Nix and it’s willingnes to eschew some fundamental Linux concepts such as the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

If you have kept an eye on some of the work I’ve been doing and thinking of, I have spent some time thinking how Nix can make further progress on goals of reliability and reproducibility.

Nix, and more specifically NixOS, is uniquely poised to do-away with many of the historic cruft that has plaque us in software due to the fact that it’s dependency closure goes down to the Linux kernel!

There is no short-list of components we can re-imagine however I have been focused on the dynamic linker / interpreter. Concepts of the *Unixes of the world which are largely historic are up for grabs.

I am working on an idea which I am very excited about 🤓 which I will be writing about. To prove to myself that the idea has merit, I wanted to explore making a tool that allows for easier introspection of ELF files.

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