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2021-06-11 02:30:21

Get BIOSes, firmware, drivers, manuals, patches, tools, utilities, tech demos, other downloads and specifications for your legacy/retro/vintage PC hardware and software.

Though this website mainly covers the topics mentioned above, it contains also some other content which is just distantly related to them. For example there is also some information about Karl Koch alias Hagbard Celine or how to block bad bots like Diffbot from your website.

This update is dedicated to my father, my dad - he sadly passed away in May 2020 at the age of 64. His very sudden death was a shock. Thanks to all the relatives and friends for being at his funeral. Dad, we will miss you! R.I.P. - requiescat in pace - rest in peace.

It took a while for the step to the latest (re-)incarnation of but here it is. Many additions, changes and fixes have been made - on the content side this update focuses on a lot of new (old) video card tech demos, tools and 3dfx patches / game patches. Hopefully you enjoy the improvements and the new content!

First the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) / COVID-19 days aren't over, unfortunately - stay at home and practice "social distancing" as far as possible and as long as you can to flatten the curve! Please wear a mouth-nose protection in the public, at least. Stay healthy! BTW doesn't support any kind of conspiracy theory bullshit - seriously!

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