SQL Reporting that Just Works

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2024-07-04 03:00:04

Fast, simple, and confusion-free. Write and share queries in a delightful SQL editor, with AI assistance. Just works, no surprises

SQL Explorer is a powerful, intuitive, web-based SQL querying and analysis tool designed to make data flow between team members seamless and efficient. Tons of functionality, that never gets in your way. Whether you’re a growing business or start-up needing reliable reporting or an established company looking for an easy-to-integrate data tool, SQL Explorer has you covered.

"It's fantastic, thank you for your work! It was great for allowing non-technical people to quickly read data from the database."

SQL Explorer is a Django-based application that you can add to an existing Django site, or use as a standalone business intelligence tool. It will happily connect to any SQL database that Django supports. SQL Explorer is MIT licensed, and pull requests are welcome.

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