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2024-07-11 09:30:06

This website is the result of the amazing African entrepreneurial community who took time to share their experiences with others for the benefit of everyone. Sunlight Reviews was coneptualized and developed by Kyle, Daniel and Ian.

Please also share with your friends and in your whatsapp groups. We get most of the reviews from entrepreneurs who share with others. Thanks in advance!

It takes, on average, 5 minutes. If you don't have time, you can put in your email and we'll send 3 or 4 reminders to write a review over the coming weeks.

Currently there is information assymetry. Entrepreneurs don't know what the funders know. Funders share information amongst eachother, but entrepreneurs, often early in their careers, don't have the same breadth of knowledge or experience. With there will be more transparency, which is good for entrepreneurs and funders. With a little sunlight we can all see better.

No. Any funder that pressures or entrepreneurs to leave good reviews would be listed below: Greylist Funders: Funders that have pressured startups to leave good reviews or have left reviews for themselves while pretending to be a startup. (none currently) Note: funders may encourage their portfolio companies to leave reviews, but not pressure startups to leave *good* reviews. Funders may also provide information on themselves and get access to the database by filling out this form and identifying as a funder. Blacklist Funders: Funders that have sued or threatened to sue or startups for contributions to this website. (no lawsuits or threats currently active)

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