Visual Based Human-Computer Interaction

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2022-09-22 14:30:24

Machine learning is improving the state of the art in many fields of technology. This phenomenon enables new paradigms in day-to-day tasks that will gradually make a shift in people’s lives. One of these emerging fields is visual based human-computer interaction (HCI). This field combines some interesting areas, such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, physics-based rendering, linear algebra, numerical optimization or optimal state estimation. Many people are not able to use common human-computer interface devices, such as the mouse and keyboard. It is my hope that this emerging field will enable more efficient HCI methods, gradually improving the way we interact with computers.

In this context I have released a Microsoft Windows application which allows control of the mouse cursor by detected head movement using a standard webcam. There is room for improvement, and more efficient visual based control methods and interactive functionalities to come. The app is now freely available in Windows 10/11 through the Microsoft Store. Please enjoy it, and feel free to contact at for any feedback or improvement suggestions.

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