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2021-07-19 21:30:07

As a HCI researcher, you get to see a lot of papers (surprise). With HCI being this really hard-to-define “interdiscipline” with components of computer science, psychology, engineering, design, and art, you sometimes come across papers that are just plain weird (and this is not criticism at all - some other HCI researchers might consider them perfectly straightforward, it’s just my own interpretation). Anyway, the following papers did leave a lasting impression (again, not judging) which is why I decided to start this little collection.

In case you ever wanted to interact with tangible objects on your greasy touchscreen and eat them afterwards, here’s your chance.

Since COVID happened, we all like telepresence, but why not strap an iPad in front of some poor slob’s face and have them pretend to be you, videochatting from the comfort of your own home? Next, we’ll wire up their muscles to follow our VR controllers or something. Creepy. Thanks to @mjskay for this one.

Let’s put a big touchscreen at your dogs’ eye-level and turn it into a “nosescreen”! I guess it will be very gross very soon. Hat-tip to @Loechti for the hint.

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