A Very Conditional Defense of Tire Fires

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2023-09-15 01:00:07

I hold the opinion that better is better than worse, and that the betterness and worseness of things like programming languages, libraries, and frameworks is, while often context dependent, and not a single value, still often an observable thing.

There is a very common view that seems to be in an impossible to pin down superposition between worse actually being better than better, a misunderstanding of the adage that only a poor crafstman blames their tools1. It is commonly used to mean that good tools are somehow a luxury that a good craftsman does not need at all - and so, if poor tools impede your work, you must be a poor craftsman. So, this is a very conditional defense ...

What is the actual scope, actual budget etc - sometimes it is not possible to do a good job within those constraints. So, get sign off to do a bad job; this is fine2.

I have been working with languages, technologies, stacks that I have hated for more than a decade. You do the thing anyway, because you really want to do the thing.

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