Syntinul | Monitor ports. Know your exposures.

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2024-07-04 13:00:04

Priced according to how many targets you want to monitor, and scan frequency. Every plan comes with a number of targets included at no extra cost.

Syntinul was founded to help serve a fundamental need within cybersecurity: effective solutions that support organisations in meeting their cybersecurity goals and objectives. And while there are no shortages of solutions out there, many of them fail at the basics. It’s not uncommon to see organisations with huge budgets and the latest technologies falling victim to unsophisticated attacks that could have been avoided by paying more attention to the fundamentals. Our mission is to build the software and tools that help you do that. We don’t believe in buzzwords, fear-based marketing, or false promises of a silver bullet. Instead, we're committed to delivering practical, effective solutions to help solve real-world cybersecurity challenges, while being cost-efficient.

We built Syntinul to contribute towards this mission. Syntinul helps you monitor, track, and audit your organisations internet-facing ports. If we detect a change in your exposed ports, we alert you to this change. Otherwise, Syntinul is quietly operating behind the scenes without overloading your team with alerts and information.

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