Two New Tutorials for 1.18 - The Go Programming Language

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2022-01-14 19:30:08

We will be releasing Go 1.18 soon, and this release includes a few new concepts for Go. We have published two new tutorials to help introduce you to these upcoming features.

The first new tutorial will help you get started with generics. This tutorial walks you through creating a generic function that can handle multiple types, and calling it from your code. Once you’ve created a generic function, you’ll learn about type constraints, and write some for your function. Also consider checking out the GopherCon talk about generics to learn more.

The second new tutorial will help you get started with fuzzing. This tutorial demonstrates how fuzzing can find bugs in your code, and walks through the process of diagnosing and fixing the issues. In this tutorial, you will write code that has a few bugs and use fuzzing to find, fix, and verify the bugs using the go command. Special thanks to Beth Brown for her work on the fuzzing tutorial!

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