Public Discussion of CommScope CA Inclusion Request

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2023-09-16 21:30:03

This email commences a six-week public discussion of CommScope’s request to include the following four (4) certificates as publicly trusted root certificates in one or more CCADB Root Store Member’s program. This discussion period is scheduled to close on October 10, 2023 .

The purpose of this public discussion process is to promote openness and transparency. However, each Root Store makes its inclusion decisions independently, on its own timelines, and based on its own inclusion criteria. Successful completion of this public discussion process does not guarantee any favorable action by any root store.  

Anyone with concerns or questions is urged to raise them on this CCADB Public list by replying directly in this discussion thread. Likewise, a representative of the applicant must promptly respond directly in the discussion thread to all questions that are posted.

Problem Reporting Mechanism(s): or email to 

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