New "XMosaic" World-Wide Web browser from NCSA

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2023-01-23 23:00:05

The release note is appended to this message. The sources and binaries are available by anonymous FTP from as described below, and also from as files

/pub/www/src/xmosaic-0.5.tar.Z The sources /pub/www/bin/decstation/xmosaic_0.5.Z binary (ultrix) /pub/www/bin/sun4/xmosaic_0.5.Z binary (sun4) /pub/www/bin/snake/xmosaic_0.5.Z binary (hp 700) /pub/www/bin/sgi/xmosaic_0.5.Z binary (sgi) /pub/www/bin/rs6000/xmosaic_0.5.Z binary (ibm rs6000)

By the power vested in me by nobody in particular, alpha/beta version 0.5 of NCSA's Motif-based networked information systems and World Wide Web browser, X Mosaic, is hereby released:

Binaries for these platforms are available on in /Web/xmosaic/binaries-0.5. More binaries will be supplied as I am able to find other Motif-configured platforms to use (DEC MIPS probably within the next half hour).

Although this is alpha/beta software, I'm looking more for feedback on design and functionality than bug reports right now -- down the road the bulk of the program will be rewritten in C++ anyway, so don't take the current code too seriously. But bug reports are welcome too. New releases will probably come out about every 7-14 days until 1.0 arrives.

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