Technical Founder Community

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2024-03-28 18:30:03

The goal of this community is to encourage and enable engineers to leverage their technical and domain expertise to build a thriving business. We do this by connecting interested folks in local networks with peers, mentors, advisors, and maybe even capital.

For the purposes of this group, we acknowledge that ‘founder’ could include a wide variety of things, ranging from software-as-a-service to pure service offerings (e.g., coaching and consulting). It could mean being a solopreneur or a technical co-founder.

While different kinds of businesses often require different approaches, we hope that this group can encompass any of the above, with subgroups that can provide guidance and advice to those interested in a specific line of business.

No one owns it. Tech Founder Community is modeled after OpenCoffee Club in that it is an open concept with a very informal, loose structure.

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