Safari finally gets a key feature that might help it keep up with Chrome

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2020-06-26 12:47:44

Safari web users will no longer have to worry about falling behind Chrome and Firefox after Apple revealed a major upgrade for its web browser.

After mentioning a number of native extensions as part of the macOS 11 Big Sur reveal earlier this week, Apple has now said it will be adding support for porting web extensions from other platforms. 

The company says this move will allow developers to port an existing extension from Chrome, Firefox or Edge “with very little effort” onto Safari which has fallen behind its rivals when it comes to useful add-ons.

Safari users don’t currently have a lot to choose from when it comes to extensions and add-ons, with only a few sharing and blocking options currently available on iOS or macOS. 

All new offerings will need to be submitted to the App Store, as Safari extensions will continue to need to be an Xcode project bundled with a native app to download – although this app won’t even necessarily have to do anything.

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