GNOME Builder 41 Highlights

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2021-09-24 12:00:04

Builder now maintains a private Flatpak installation to install SDKs and SDK extensions that are not available in the user’s Flatpak installation. This means Builder will no longer add flathub or gnome-nightly to your user’s Flatpak installation.

Builder now uses an out-of-process Flatpak helper (gnome-builder-flatpak) to vastly improve its ability to track and resolve SDK extensions. This will improve the situation for applications requiring Rust, LLVM, and others going forward.

There is now a persistent project-wide search panel always visible. Specific folder search can still be done from the project tree and will end up in an extra search tab which can be closed. Vanadiae also redesigned the look of the search panel to allow changing search parameters and re-searching from the same tab.

James Westman implemented further integration of deviced so it is now possible to deploy and start an application on a remote device with the run button. See his tutorial:

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